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Dec 3, 2018

1. Patient-reported outcomes across cerebrovascular event types - more similar than different 2. [What’s Trending]: Genetic landscape of pediatric movement disorders and management implications.In the first segment, Dr. Andrew Southerland talks with Dr. Irene Katzan about her paper on patient-reported outcomes across cerebrovascular event types. In the second part of the podcast, Dr. Jeff Waugh focuses his interview with Dr. Saadet Andrews on the genetic landscape of pediatric movement disorders and management implications. DISCLOSURES: Dr. Southerland has severed on editorial boards for the Journal Neurology and is Section Editor for the Neurology Podcast. Dr. Katzan served on editorial boards for Stroke (American Stroke Association) and Circulation: Cardiovascular Quality & Outcomes (American Heart Association). Dr. Katzan has received funding for research support from Novartis Pharmaceuticals and research support from the Ohio Department of Health - Physician Lead for the Ohio Paul Coverdell Stroke Registry, 2007-2020. Dr. Waugh was employed by Children's Hospital Boston, Resident in Pediatric Neurology, 2009-2015. Dr.Saadet Andrews served on a scientific advisory board for non-profit data safety board member for a research study at The Hospital for Sick Children (2015-2017), a Commercial: Epileptic encephalopathy scientific board meeting attended in December 2017, organized by BioMarin, and a Commercial: Advisor cost effectiveness of ERT (March 2018) Commercial: Advisory board and speaker for homocysteine and betaine treatment (December 2017). Dr. Andrews received funding for travel from BioMarin (Epileptic encephalopathy scientific board meeting attended as invited speaker in December 2017) and was paid honorarium and travel-expenses. Dr. Andrews served on editorial boards for Non-profit: Journal of Pediatric Genetics Editorial Board Member (2015-present) and received research support from industry funding (2015-2016) for prevalence of mucopolysaccharidosis if rheumatology and NCV patients.