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Dec 31, 2017

Patient Perspectives, Part II (January 2018)This month’s Delayed Recall episode is the second part of our feature including interviews that focus on the patient perspective. The first part of this feature aired as the Delayed Recall episode for December 2017. We feature four interviews in this second installment; the first is Dr. Alberto Espay’s interview with Dr. Ted Burns in the Sept. 3, 2013 episode, in which they discuss Dr. Burns’ cancer diagnosis and his subsequent experience as a patient. In the second interview, with Dr. Lara Marcuse, Dr. Marcuse responds to Dr. Espay’s Sept. 2013 interview with Dr. Burns, and remarks briefly on her own time as a patient. This interview was part of the October 29, 2013 episode. The third interview features Dr. Espay and Dr. Burns once more; they discuss Dr. Burns’ cancer recurrence, as well as Dr. Burns’ view about the kind of care that he believes is important for healthcare providers to focus on. This interview first appeared in the August 1, 2017 episode. Last, we feature an interview from the June 3, 2008 episode, between Dr. Ted Burns and Dr. Bob Joynt, in which Dr. Joynt offers his advice regarding patient treatment.