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Mar 30, 2010

Subdiaphragmatic visceral infarction and part one on evidence-based medicine. This podcast for the Neurology Journal begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the print issue of Neurology. In the second segment Dr. Justin Sattin interviews Dr. Pierre Amarenco about his paper on visceral infarction in cardioembolic stroke. In the next segment, Dr. Ryan Overman is reading our e-Pearl of the week about neuroimaging in paroxysmal hemicranias and SSUNCT syndrome. In the next part of the podcast Dr. Michael Benatar interviews Dr. Gary Gronseth for part one on evidence-based medicine for our Lesson of the Week. The participants had nothing to disclose except Dr. Gronseth.Dr. Gronseth serves as an editorial advisory board member of Neurology Now; serves on a speakers bureau for Boehringer Ingelheim; and receives honoraria from Boehringer Ingelheim and the American Academy of Neurology.