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Oct 28, 2013

1) Pretreatment cognitive deficits and treatment effects in childhood epilepsy and 2) Topic of the month: Multiple sclerosis therapy and treatment. This podcast for the Neurology Journal begins and closes with Dr. Robert Gross, Editor-in-Chief, briefly discussing highlighted articles from the print issue of Neurology. In the second segment Dr. Nick Brenton interviews Dr. Tracy Glauser about his paper on pretreatment cognitive deficits and treatment effects in childhood epilepsy. Lara Marcuse talks about being diagnosed with cancer after listening to Ted Burns discuss his diagnosis in our September 3 podcast. Dr. Adam Numis is reading our e-Pearl of the week about ophthalmologic findings in neurocysticercosis. In the next part of the podcast Dr. Mark Keegan interviews Dr. Douglas Goodin about interferons and copaxone in multiple sclerosis. The participants had nothing to disclose except Drs. Glauser, Numis, Keegan, and Goodin.Dr. Glauser serves on the scientific advisory board for AssureRx Health, Inc.; serves on the speakers' bureau and receives honoraria from Supernus Pharmaceuticals; receives royalties from the publication of the book Pediatric Epilepsy; receives royalty payments for optimization of drug selection software algorithms, AssureRx Health, Inc.; holds stock options in AssureRx Health, Inc.; has patents for optimization of drug selection software algorithms, neurocognitive computing algorithms and suicide prediction algorithms; is a consultant for Supernus Pharmaceuticals, Sunovion Pharmaceuticals, Inc., Eisai, Inc., UCB, Lundbeck Inc., Questcor Pharmaceuticals, Inc, Upsher-Smith, AssureRx Health, Inc.; receives license fees from AssureRx Health, Inc. for optimization of drug selection software algorithms and receives research support from the NIH.Dr. Numis serves on the editorial team for the Neurology® Resident and Fellow Section. Dr. Keegan serves as Chief Editor of eMedicine and receives research support from Terumo BCT.Dr. Goodin receives research support from Novartis; had travel costs reimbursed for occasional community lectures, symposia and/or academic talks sponsored by Bayer Schering Pharma, Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd., Merck Serono. Genzyme and Novartis.