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Oct 8, 2018

1. Featured Article: Neurology: Clinical Practice: Presentation and management of community onset vs. hospital onset first seizures2. What’s Trending: Acute viral encephalitisIn the first segment, Dr. Katherine Zarroli talks with Dr. Emma Foster about her paper comparing the presentation and management of patients with community- and hospital-onset first seizures attending the same hospital. In the second part of the podcast, Dr. Stacey Clardy and Dr. Kenneth Tyler review the diagnosis and treatment of acute viral encephalitis.DISCLOSURES: Dr. Zarroli reports no disclosures. Dr. Foster has received research support from National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) Medical / Dental Research Postgraduate Scholarship, APP1150482, CIA, funding 2018-2020 and Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) Research entry scholarship, 2018. Dr. Clardy has received research support from Western Institute for Biomedical Research (WIBR). Dr. Tyler serves as an Associate Editor for Journal of Neurovirology and Neurology Today; serves as an editorial board member for Annals of Neurology, Apoptosis, JAMA Neurology, Experimental Neurology, Journal of Infectious Disease, Microbial Pathogenesis, Virology, Neurology ALL Current; serves on the scientific advisory board for DNAtrix (DSMB, active), LPath (DSMB)(completed), and PML Consortium (Scientific Advisory Board, completed); is a consultant for Hoffman La Roche; receives royalties from the publication of the books: Handbook of Clinical Neurology and Harrison's Principles & Practices of Internal Medicine; receives research support from Taiga Biotechnologies and the NIH/NIAID, 1R01 NS101208, PI, 2018-2022, Dept. of Veterans Affairs Merit Grant (BX000963, Role: PI, 2017-21), NIH/NINDS, (5R21NS103186, PI, 2017-2019); and serves as Officer (Treasurer) and Member Board of Directors American Neurological Association (ANA)- Uncompensated.