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Jul 31, 2023

Dr. Stacey Clardy talks with Dr. Natalia Rost about her experience speaking before the House of Representatives on the approval of lecanemab for the treatment of early Alzheimer disease.

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Jul 27, 2023

Dr. Justin Abbatemarco talks with Dr. Amel Karaa about the use of elamipretide in participants with genetically confirmed primary mitochondrial myopathies.

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Jul 24, 2023

Dr. Gordon Smith talks with Dr. Hoda Abdel-Hamid about the recent FDA approval for the first ever gene therapy for Duchenne muscular dystrophy.

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Jul 20, 2023

Dr. Kathryn Nevel talks with Dr. Ingo Mellinghoff about how vorasidenib improved progression-free survival in patients with Isocitrate dehydrogenase (IDH)–mutant grade 2 gliomas.

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Jul 17, 2023

Dr. Jason Crowell talks with Prof. Jacob Elberg to provide neurologists with an insight into what goes on behind the scenes for patient-assistance programs. 

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