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Oct 31, 2017

This month’s Delayed Recall episode features Dr. Stacey Clardy’s Lesson of the Week interviews on the topic of immunotherapy, which originally aired in July 2017. In the first interview, Dr. Clardy speaks with Dr. Dennis Bourdette about new immunotherapies in neurology. This interview first appeared in the July 4 episode. In the interview from July 11, Dr. Clardy continues the discussion about new immunotherapies with Dr. Jeffrey Cohen. The third interview, from the July 18 episode, features Dr. Clardy speaking with Dr. Emmanuelle Waubant about immunotherapy as it applies to multiple sclerosis patients. To conclude this episode, we offer Dr. Clardy’s interview with Dr. Anne Cross, in which they talk about immunosuppressants in Neurology; this interview was part of the July 25 episode.